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The Daily Nonpareil
$15 for three amazing books including Omaha-Council Bluffs Yesterday & Today, Portraits of Iowa, Pride in our Hometowns, Volume II and Southwest Iowa Sports Remembered.


With this great deal, you get 3 great books, including:

Southwest Iowa 
Sports Remembered
Southwest Iowa Sports Remembered recalls great sports stories and recognizes outstanding athletes and other sports personalities from around southwest Iowa. It is a proverbial walk down the region's sports-memory lane, and the lane is 100 years long.

Portraits of Iowa, Pride in our Hometowns, Volume II
Iowa has many outstanding characteristics, but at its heart are its people and the communities they built. From people who turned the prairie into rich farmland, to those whose pioneer spirit launched businesses that became international successes, Iowans have, since the state's conception, continuously worked to make the world a better place. As readers turn the pages of Portraits of Iowa, Pride in our Hometowns, Volume II they will discover dozens of little-known stories about the people of Iowa, some famous, some not so famous; and 19 outstanding communities they helped to create.

Omaha - Council Bluffs; Yesterday & Today
Omaha-Council Bluffs Yesterday and Today is a collection of vintage photographs of greater Omaha and Council Bluffs taken by renowned photographers John Savage, Louis Bostwick and others that have been paired with photos by Omaha Photographer Tom Kessler of both cities as they are today.

Expires 9-30-2014.

Must pick up at the offices of
The Daily Nonpareil
535 W. Broadway, Suite 300
Council Bluffs, IA 51503
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The Daily Nonpareil
535 W. Broadway, Suite 300
Third floor of Heartland Properties Building
Council Bluffs, IA 51503
Monday-Friday 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

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